Sex is crucial when it pertains to boosting a relationship, most especially when discussing marriage. Newly married couples are understood to have a regular and frequent impulse to have sex but as the time passes, those feelings tend to end up being more infrequent.Top tip – learn how to have vaginal orgasms on this page…

When compared to those who do not, research studies show that married couples who frequently have sex are more most likely to last. This just supports the idea that sex plays a vital function in a strong relationship. (more…)

Have Fun With Fantasy, a Super Easy Sex Tip for Anyone to Follow

Are you trying to find new means to include something exciting to your sex life? Do you require some sex tips to help enhance the sex you are having? I wonder if you have thought about playing around with fantasies as a great way to add back a nice sexy spark or two?

Now at first for you both this could feel a bit weird or even scary. But if you can find a way between you both to get past that fear then you will have given yourself an amazing new sex toy! Definitely that can only be an advantage and worth finding a way to get past a few insecurities that may possibly be in the means of making these Sexual Fantasies interesting  and enjoyable?


Would you like to learn some very simple yet very effective ways of becoming a better writer or erotica? In this short article I will share some of the lots of lessons that I have found out for many years of writing erotica and hopefully my insight will assist you develop much better stories.

The most important thing I can state is that practice is the absolutely most essential single consider getting much better. Writing is an ability and like all skills the more you try it the better you will get. Now with some things this isn’t really very impressive, but with composing erotica it’s great, well it is as long as you take pleasure in doing it.

As well as writing on my own blog, I also like to write and explore other peoples erotic web sites and sexy communities. One of my fave of these is I have been a member for a while now and am really enjoying sharing and getting involved within the site.

Good points about the site:

  • The free erotic library has a lot of GREAT stories in it.
  • The owners Jack and Lola are really cool and really active within the community.
  • The site looks, works and feels, so ,so much better than some of the older more well known sites that I won’t mention right now!
  • The mods keep a really strict eye on the community, so trolls, spammers and weirdos get booted out very quickly.
  • Its totally free to join :-) and free is never, ever a bad thing in my book. (OK maybe I am tiny bit of a cheap skate!?! ;-) ).